Homecoming 2022 Recap

The Meccaverse

2022's Homecoming theme celebrated the multiverse that is Howard University while honoring the many sons and daughters who have come to the Mecca for training and matriculate as superheroes.

Talk to any Howard alumni and they will tell you about that surreal experience of arriving to Howard’s campus and being amazed by the discovery of a whole new world characterized by Black excellence, bold leadership and an immense history that connects them to the past while simultaneously igniting the spark that set them on a path to discover their future. To put it in fewer words, Howard is its own universe.

Homecoming 2022 was held entirely in-person the week of October 15-23, a shift from the virtual celebrations of the past two years. The University welcomed Howard University students, alumni, staff and friends to its campus for several key Homecoming events including the Homecoming football game and Bison Pep Rally, the Fashion Show, Greek Life Step Show, Homecoming Day of Service, Lavender Reception, and the iconic Yard Fest Concert.

The Heroes of Homecoming: Behind the Scenes with Howard Staff

The 2022 homecoming brought the Howard community together for another year of fellowship, connection and reunion at the Mecca. As it does each year, the University took great care to make sure every showstopping event created memories for Howard students, alumni and staff that will last for years to come. This year’s homecoming theme, “The Meccaverse,” spoke to the power of Howard’s collective legacy and the individual heroes whose superpowers contribute to Howard’s success. Behind the curtain of every event is a heroic team of staff, alumni, and other experts who help make Homecoming magic every year.

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‘Welcome to the Meccaverse:’ 2022 Homecoming Theme Celebrates the Past, Present and Future of the Howard Community

Howard University Homecoming is a time to celebrate all that Howard is, has been and will become. This year, Howard University dubbed the 2022 Howard University Homecoming “The Meccaverse,” a theme that honors the many generations who have contributed to the creation of the special universe we call Howard University.

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2022 Events

Alumni Jazz Brunch | 1:00 PM October 23, 2022

Young Alumni Brunch | 12:00 PM October 23, 2022

Call to Chapel | Cramton Auditorium | 11:00 AM October 23, 2022

President's Homecoming Soiree | Marriott Marquis | 8:00 PM October 22, 2022

Homecoming Football Game | Greene Stadium | 1:00 PM October 22, 2022

The Yardfest - Day 2 (Reunion Day) | Virtual event | 12:00 PM October 22, 2022

The Community Parade | Along Goergia Avenue, passing through local neighborhoods | 10:00 AM October 22, 2022

Alumni Tailgate | Howard Center Parking Lot (across from Barnes and Noble on Georgia Ave) | 10:00 AM October 22, 2022

Greek Step Show | Burr Gymnasium | 8:00 PM October 21, 2022

HU Ideas Symposia | School of Business Auditorium | 12:30 PM October 21, 2022

The Yardfest - Day 1 (Concert) | The Main Yard (The Upper Quadrangle) | 12:00 PM October 21, 2022

President's State of the University Address | School of Business Auditorium | 11:00 AM October 21, 2022

Student Fashion Show | Cramton Auditorium | 8:00 PM October 20, 2022

HU Ideas Symposia | School of Business Auditorium | 4:00 PM October 19, 2022

Lavender (LGBTQ+) Reception | 6:00 PM October 19, 2022

Bison Madness: Pep Rally | Burr Gymnasium | 7:00 PM October 18, 2022

HU Ideas Symposia | School of Business Auditorium | 12:30 PM October 17, 2022

The Royal Court Coronation | Blackburn Ballroom | 7:00 PM October 16, 2022

Call to Chapel | Cramton Auditorium | 11:00 AM October 16, 2022

Day of Service | Andrew Rankin Memorial Chapel | 9:00 AM October 15, 2022