As Howard University prepares for Homecoming 2019, University officials, in conjunction with IMG College Licensing (formerly CLC), are taking necessary measures to address potential counterfeit and unlicensed merchandise using the University’s trademarks. IMGCL, a division of IMG College, the exclusive licensing agent for Howard University, will work closely with local law enforcement officials to patrol the marketplace in search of counterfeiters selling “knock-off” merchandise. All counterfeit merchandise is subject to seizure. Enforcement efforts for Howard’s Homecoming will be conducted on campus, as well as the surrounding community. Tips for purchasing Howard University merchandise:

  • All officially licensed merchandise should display the Officially Licensed Collegiate Product hologram somewhere on the product or hangtag.
  • The merchandise should depict the Howard University logos and marks in a tasteful and appropriate manner. If it is distasteful or inappropriate, the merchandise is unlikely to have been licensed by Howard.
  • The tag on the garment should be intact. A torn or missing tag is evidence of a second-hand garment, one that probably would not meet the stringent quality standards in place by Howard.
  • All merchandise should bear the name of the manufacturer somewhere on the product, either in the form of a hangtag, a neck label, or screen-printed directly on the garment.
  • All merchandise should have the appropriate trademark designations (i.e., ®,™) next to a specific name or design.

Trademark infringement violates state and federal laws, including criminal laws. Penalties vary depending on the extent of the violation but can include confiscation of the product and equipment used to make it, fines, and even jail time for more serious violations. Confiscated product is eventually destroyed or donated to charitable organizations.

Royalties generated from the sale of Officially Licensed Collegiate Products go back to the University to enhance various initiatives on campus. To become a licensee, or to request approval for using Howard University’s logo and art, please visit

For more information on IMGCL, please visit or