2020 Theme: Advocacy

Rising above challenges to make a lasting impact.

Howard University Dental Students in Haiti

“Advocacy” is woven into the fabric of Howard University’s DNA. Since the institution’s founding in 1867 the faculty, staff and students have embodied the mission of truth and service through the pursuit of social justice in numerous ways, including marching, protesting, and lobbying. Now, more than 150 years later, it is evident through the social unrest of today’s society that the need for advocacy must press on. Howard University will continue to lead by example and demonstrate the variety of ways our community can engage: Advocacy through your Voice, Advocacy through your Dollars, and Advocacy through your Vote. While this year’s Homecoming will be virtual due to coronavirus pandemic, now is an optimal time for us to unify our spirits around our collective goals of social justice, inclusivity and equity for all.

Taylor Davis

Ms. Howard University

Being an advocate means standing up for other people, even if you are standing alone. In order to be an advocate you have to be rooted in a purpose that is meaningful and unwavering. You have to be willing to fight for what you believe is right."

A Heritage of Empowerment

Howard University has cultivated generations of advocates across academic disciplines.

Iconic Advocates from Howard History

Intergenerational Advocacy: Since 1867, Howard Has Led The Way.

That legacy of advocacy continues on into the present in our current students, faculty, alumni...

               ...and You.

Uplifting Our Community

Speaking Out

In a burst of activity not seen since the 1960s, Howard University student activists are making a mark on history. From Peoria, Illinois to Denver, Colorado to Honolulu, Hawaii, students are rallying, marching, and organizing as part of the George Floyd and Black Lives Matter social movements.

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Taking the Lead

Peter Lubembela

Senior, Political Science

You can say my activism started at Howard...I strongly believe it’s our responsibility as Howard men to bridge the gap between Howard University and our community."

Empower The Present

Bison carry the future on their shoulders. Many also carry the burden of financial hardship brought on or intensified by the COVID-19 pandemic.

It's time to advocate for the advocates.


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